Signal 9 Defense produces innovative firearms with an emphasis on self-defense.  We use our experience, creativity and technical excellence to deliver unique products that make gun owners safer and more confident in daily life. 

What Sets Signal 9 Apart?


Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with top of the line machining equipment. CNC milling and turning, wire EDM, welding and fabrication are all performed in-house. For processes that we do not perform in house, we partner with best-in-class suppliers around the country. Strict standard operating procedures have been put in place to ensure all phases of production, from initial design through production and testing, are optimized for efficiencyand quality.


Signal 9 Defense is focused on safety – your personal safety and the safety of the weapons themselves. We build unique and patented (or patent-pending) safety features into our firearms where possible that reduce or eliminate the possibility of accidental discharge.


Every Signal 9 design has been tested and retested in the development stage, retested in the manufacturing stage, and “destruction tested” after manufacture. Our engineers are dedicated to producing reliable products that you can depend on. No designs are released for production without engineering approval.


At Signal 9, our design engineers have almost 90 years of combined experience in designing weapons and weapons systems, including designing and building the actual machines used to manufacture weapons. They know the process, from start to finish. In addition, our manufacturing partner, H&H Tool Shop LLC, has been manufacturing firearms, weapons systems and parts since 1980. Since then, H&H has gained a reputation as a superior quality manufacturer of precision parts for diverse industries, including gun barrels, weapon mounts, and accessories for the military. The experience of the engineers and fabricators at Edge Arms LLC and H&H is second to none.

Production Capability

Signal 9 products are manufactured in a large 31,000 sq. ft. facility with capacity to expand as needed. This allows us to scale our productionto meet demand to fulfill orders in a timely manner.