Reliant Status Update

Our engineers have been working diligently to refine our design and get it ready for full production.  We have been testing prototypes for form fit and function to ensure our final product is the best it can be.  During those tests, our primary concerns have been safety and reliability, and finally comfort.

Our internal safety testing has passed with flying colors. Soon we will be sending the Reliant out for independent destructive testing.  We want to know that if a component fails, what that component is and how long did it took to fail.

The Reliant must fire and fire every time. During our testing, we found that the .22 rimfire round is quite challenging to fire repeatedly.  Especially those that are chrome plated.  We have spent countless hours testing various firing pin geometry and springs. We determined that the spring force required to detonate a round every time resulted in a trigger force that exceeded what we deemed comfortable to shoot.  This issue is common with double-action .22 firearms. While some do not mind a stronger trigger pull, we believe many will not be please with it.

Therefore, we have made the decision to set aside the rimfire model for now and continue to develop the .32, .38, and .380 models.  The Reliant will fire all calibers with interchangeable barrels.  The .380 ACP and the .32 ACP will require a moon clip to operate.  This decision will allow us to get the firearm to market much quicker while we determine the next steps for the .22 model as well as other calibers.  

Our testing on the center fire models has been promising and we are in the final stages of development.  The initial prototypes performed extremely well.  We are currently manufacturing production ready prototypes that we will test before we manufacture tooling and molds. Once we reach this stage we will begin taking orders.  

We appreciate your support and welcome any feedback you might have. Our website has been updated so please check back regularly for updates.  The homepage includes a very short anonymous survey that we hope you will take.  This survey will help us to determine production levels as we enter the manufacturing stage.