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    <p>The Reliant is specifically designed for concealed carry, combining the reliability of a revolver with the profile of a 1911 pistol. Its small grip is ideal for shooters with small hands and it’s small size makes it easy to conceal. With no slide to pull, Reliant does not require superior hand strength and two-handed coordination to operate, making it an excellent choice for women and seniors. Reliant is ready the moment you put your finger on the double action trigger and can be fired from “deep cover”, from inside a jacket pocket or other concealment. Its light weight makes it effortless to carry in a pocket or purse. Small size and special streamlined contours ensure that no one will know you are carrying but allow a quick and easy draw if needed. Reliant’s innovative design represents a true revolution in personal defense and is perfect for both a primary weapon or a backup gun for shooters of all experience levels.
    <li>4 shot, 4 barrel break-action</li>
    <li>.32/.38/.380 (with separate interchangeable barrels)</li>
    <li>Phosphated steel barrel and upper. Hard coat anodized aluminum frame resists corrosion</li>
    <li>Patent pending all-internal action equates to no jams</li>
    <li>Firing action cannot be neutralized by an assailant grasping the gun.</li>
    <li>Patent pending design makes accidental discharge from impact/dropping virtually impossible</li>
    <li>4-round capacity with 4 shot speedloader in the grip.</li>
    <li>Ergonomic grip</li>
    <li>DEEP COVER &ndash; Relaint can be fired from within pocket or purse</li>
    <li>Ambidextrous one-hand operation</li>
    <li>Patent pending ULTRA SMOOTH 8 lb trigger pull</li>
    <li>Grip automatically activates optional red or green laser</li>

    <p>When the trigger is not being actuated, the firing pin will remain stationary at rest in between 2 of the chambers.  This means that the firing pin is never behind a live round.  Accidental discharge is practically impossible. Also, while at rest the firing pin sits behind a steel plate.  The steel plate has 4 holes in it that are in line with each chamber.  The firing pin passes through one of these holes to strike the primer.  Finally, when the trigger is released, the cam indexes to the neutral position and the firing pin is again behind the steel plate. 

In addition, all moving parts, other than the trigger and barrel release, are located internally unlike a revolver or automatic pistol.  The benefit is that the firearm can be fired from concealment without the risk of jamming.  Also, in a situation where an attacker grabs the firearm, the trigger and action can still fully operate through all trigger pulls unlike a revolver or auto. </p>
    <li>Caliber:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.32/.32MAG, .38/.38+P, .380</li>
    <li>Finish:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Various Hardcoat Anodized and Black Phosphate.</li>
    <li>Trigger Pull:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;8 lbs</li>
    <li>Barrel Length:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2.89&Prime;</li>
    <li>Capacity:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;4 rounds with 4-round speedloader in the grip (.380 speedloader w/ moonclip)</li>
    <li>Overall Length:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;5.25&Prime;</li>
    <li>Height:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;4.25&Prime;</li>
    <li>Width:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;.89&Prime; without grip, .94&Prime; with grips</li>
    <li>Weight:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Less than 16oz. &nbsp;Final weight TBD</li>
    <li>Speed Loader</li>
    <li>Moon Clips</li>
    <li>.32, .38, .380 barrels</li>
    <li>LaserMax Integrated Red Laser</li>
    <li>LaserMax Integrated Green Laser</li>
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[accordian][toggle title="Safety" open="no"]We are intensely focused on safety - your personal safety, which is why you purchase our guns, but also the safety of the weapons themselves. That's why we build unique and patented (or patent-pending) safety features into our guns that reduce or eliminate the possibility of accidental discharge. Everything in our design process starts with the understanding of how you will have to use our guns in real-world situations where you might have to defend yourself.[/toggle][toggle title="Quality & Reliability" open="no"]Every Edge Arms design has been tested and retested in the development stage, retested in the manufacturing stage, and "destruction tested" after manufacture. We try our level best to break our guns, so you can be confident that you can't. They are RELIABLE, which means they work every time. [/toggle][toggle title="Experience" open="no"]At Edge, our design engineers are on staff rather than contracted out, and they have almost 90 years of combined experience in designing weapons and weapons systems, including designing and building the actual machines used to manufacture weapons. They know the process, from start to finish. In addition, our manufacturing partner, H&H Tool Shop LLC, has been manufacturing firearms, weapons systems and parts since 1980. Since then, H&H has gained a reputation as a superior quality manufacturer of precision parts for diverse industries, including gun barrels, weapon mounts, and accessories for the military. The experience of the engineers and fabricators at Edge Arms LLC and H&H is second to none![/toggle][toggle title="Technology & Innovation" open="no"]We manufacture our guns in a modern facility outfitted with the best in machining equipment. CNC milling and turning, wire EDM, welding and fabrication are all performed in-house. This cuts our costs and allows us to deliver superior quality products to you at prices much lower than you would otherwise have to pay. There is integration and communication at all phases of producing our products, from initial design through production and testing, all under one roof. Simply put, we can innovate faster than the competition, and pass the savings on to you.[/toggle][toggle title="Production Capability" open="no"]Edge Arms products are produced in a large 31,000 sq. ft. facility with capacity to expand as needed. This means you can have confidence that Edge Arms LLC will be able to fulfill even the largest influx of orders in a timely manner. Bottom line: you won't have to wait a long time to get your gun![/toggle][/accordian]